Why is my website slow?

Website speed is a huge issue and people are not giving it enough credit. One of the key things to making sure websites load fast is ensuring images are fully optimised for web. While images help make a website great, if they are large files, both in dimensions and file size, they have a negative effect of page load times and user experience.

We use WordPress to make it easier for our clients to review and edit content. However quite often the images they upload affect the speed of the website and ultimately the search engine results and user experience.

It is best to optimise all images before uploading to the site and if you don’t have Photoshop, there are other online tools like Pixlr to resize images and save for web or another favourite is Compressor IO to compress file size.

Quite often we see images uploaded to websites that are 4000px plus wide and over 5MB each. When you multiple this by 5 images on the page, the page is trying to load 25MB worth of images alone. The average page size should be around 2MB. As you are not trying to print signage for the motorway, your  images only need to be 2000px wide to go full width of the page and where images only take up part of a page, you can usually reduce this to 1000px wide.