8 signs you may need a new website

Website technology is evolving at a frightening speed. Nothing is forever in the digital world, read on to see if you are keeping up.

These days you don’t only just need a website, you need a website that is well designed, responsive, has a constant stream of new content, is user-friendly AND meets the needs of your potential customers.

An outdated website that exists purely for an online presence could be doing more damage than good to your business. Here are some reasons why you may want to look at giving your website a re-design.

1. It doesn’t represent your business 

It’s not just the world of web that changes rapidly, it happens to businesses too – whether it’s a total re-brand, a change in goals or a change in management.

A website is one of the most important assets to your business as it’s often how your customer gets their first impression of your business. If your website doesn’t line up with your current target audience and your current messaging it’s time for an update!

2. You can’t find it on a Google search

Generally most of your traffic will originate from Search Engines so if you can’t find yourself ranking on Google for your relevant search terms, chances are you are receiving little to no traffic.

Search Engine Journal says that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Creating your site with SEO in mind will ensure that potential customers can find you online.

3. It’s not generating leads

If your analytics are telling you there’s a low amount of time spent on the site and a high bounce rate then that’s a strong sign your potential customer doesn’t find your site useful or engaging.

If one of your reasons for having a site is to generate new leads or see ROI from it, then it’s high time you considered a re-deign or new build. With your target audience and goals in mind  you will be sure to see a massive jump in the amount of qualified leads you will be receiving.

4. It’s a disaster on mobile

Mobile is more prevalent in our lives than ever. Smart Insights reports that over 20% of Google searches are performed on mobile, and for local searches, more than half are performed on mobile devices.

The world has gone mobile and if your website isn’t responsive than the world isn’t looking at your site.

5. It’s slow

People aren’t generally very patient. And if KISSmetircs is anything to go by it says 47% of consumers want a web page to load in under 2 seconds and will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

You don’t want to annoy your potential customers, and the only one who will be hurting over this is you. Not to mention it also affects your search engine ranking. Web developers can speed up a website very easily, so if you are watching the seconds tick by waiting for your site to load it might be time for an update!

6. You can’t update content

If you either don’t know how or can’t update new content chances are you haven’t done it in the past 6 months or so. Constant, new and fresh content to your site is vital to rank in the google and search engines and at your customers front of mind.

Content Management Systems (CMS) make it easy for you to be able to take the reigns when necessary and empower your marketing team. Gone are the days that you needed to understand code to make a simple blog post.

7. It’s flash

Flash is very outdated and has been for well over 5 years now. A lot of phones, including iPhones, do not support flash and Google can’t read it to rank your site. To put it simply if your site is flash the chances of people visiting your site are extremely low.

8. You’re embarrassed to show it to clients

Need we say more? A website is the vehicle that helps drive your business and should represent it appropriately. Your business’s website is an investment for it’s future success and it’s essential that you see it that way.

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